Covino & Rich— Tuesday 11\3\20

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  • 8:08 AM Tom Brady showed off ridiculous arm strength on Monday Night Football. He reclaimed his touchdown record. Antonio Brown seems to be living at Tom Brady’s house as he gets acclimated to Tampa… do you think he had to have a convo with him about not making his wife uncomfortable?
  • :27 AM Rich thinks he can change the world – incentivize people with stickers because people are voting just for the sticker. We should use this tactic for everything!
  • :00 AM What was your last activity/memory right before the pandemic and mask mandate?


  • :36 AM Covino on his new place… he is still learning about all the new features. He has now discovered his toilet is a toto. The new problem is, girlfriend Jordyn doesn’t want him using the main bathroom with this fancy toilet because he poops like a man!
  • :45 AM Toilet Gone Wild – the buttons aren’t work and water is shooting up his a$$ for 15 mins because he thought it needed new batteries. But it was just the power button.


  • :18 AM Chelsea Handler posted her breast covered by the voting sticker, would you be cool with your woman doing this?
  • :31 AM A listener hits us up talking about masturbating years ago when suddenly the laptop went black – and when it opened, it was skype, with a video recording of him wanking – and blackmailing him for $600… what would you do? Do you feel shame?