Covino & Rich— Tuesday 11\26\19

Show Topics:


  • 8:04 AM Covino has new Ticklesack song ideas in the works… A listener just lost a close from of his and we got a note about how they used to bond over those songs. “We are honored to be able to produce comedy to take your mind off reality” (:10AM).
  • :19 AM Is it really a day off if you have to work twice as hard on the day prior?
  • :40 AM Rich fills us in on Spot being back home and finding the most random items. We talk to Spot on the phone about his findings and the ability to see where his parents money went now that he is the estate holder (:46 AM).
  • :51 AM Being boastful about huge TVs is an old person thing?


  • 9:08 AM Generational differences… what your grandparents, parents, you and your children will hold special. Picture the items had in your grandparents home (:22 AM). Older people items that have no value to us (:29 AM).
  • :32 AM Football is getting exciting and here’s why…
  • :42 AM Covino finally watched The Lion King.
  • :44 AM Layne Staley documentary looks very interesting.
  • :50 AM Do the Cleveland Browns have a shot?


  • 10:05 AM Covino’s brothers random calls makes him nervous.
  • :13 AM Knowing the sex of your kid makes all the difference.
  • :20 AM Dennis Quaid’s younger girl is full on creep level.
  • :27 AM If your partner was sharing sexual details about their past on social media and in reality, how would that make you feel?