Covino & Rich— Tuesday 11\17\20

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  • 8:07 AM New Orleans Saints’ Drew Brees has fractured ribs, collapsed lung, source says … and reportedly will be playing in the NFL in two weeks, when will he hang it up? Jameis Winston is waiting for his time to shine. James Harden to the Nets looks good only on paper etc.
  • :32 AM AFC vs NFC
  • :40 AM Covino and his neurotic OCD with his new place – when he starts he can’t stop, because work that would take us an hour takes him four hours. He started touching up paint in the house only to wake up to see there were streaks everywhere. And to make things worse, his girlfriend discouraged him from being a daredevil on the ladder, painting.
  • :23 AM Rich on how his wife is going the extra mile renovating the TX home for his mom, but she isn’t expressive of her gratitude and he would like a little acknowledgement.


  • :54 AM Chris Weidman vs Uriah Hall rematch in the works for UFC 258 on Feb. 13
  • :56 AM Following our Gal-Garage conversation yesterday, people were more drawn to the reason why we don’t park in the garage… we take to the polls of how many use the garage for parking.


  • :40 AM Height issues – a female listener hits us up about the height of men and how short is too short…
  • :47 AM Are you seeing family for the holidays? Whether your flying or driving down the block… are you obeying the new city guidelines for the holidays?