Covino & Rich— Tuesday 11\10\20

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  • 8:06 AM Rich finally watched The Queen’s Gambit and loved it! We’re talking all about the show. Have you ever played Chess? Why Covino watches the show with captions and more.
  • :18 AM Katy Perry sparks backlash for ‘privileged’ call to reach out to Trump-supporting family members… how could one argue this nice gesture?
  • :40 AM The love hate dilemma for wearing a mask, and that we do it in respect for the general public.
  • :54 AM (In reference to the Katy Perry story) How do we unite? The divided amongst people and how different we are is tearing us a part.


  • :37 AM Jonathan Scott is here talking about the trends of homes and what will and will not come back; He confirms that they actually give these house projects to these real people for free; Does he regret passing on the bachelor… three times; Rich ask him for advice on meeting his contractor today and Covino ask for help in his couch dilemma; and we talk his new documentary on PBS, “Power Trip.”


  • :24 AM People will ask for advice only to hear what they want to hear, like Covino and his couch dilemma – Jonathan loves the teal couch but he still is on the fence!
  • :27 AM Breaking sports news – Ben Roethlisberger among 4 added to Pittsburgh Steelers’ COVID-19 list.
  • :31 AM Would you take the Covid vaccine when it comes out? Covino starts comparing the flu to Covid-19 (:40 AM).