Covino & Rich— Tuesday 10\8\19

Show Topics:

  • Yesterday was so crazy we’re still taking it all in! The camera crew in studio, Rich’s 40th, Sara’s announcement, a company party with THE Nobu himself, and Spot’s debut on our ESPN show.
  • 40 years old, isn’t old FYI! We look at some of our favorite TV dads who were peak at 40, which means Rich can now get yet another job as a TV dad.
  • Welcome to “Swaank.” Last nights elite company party put things into perspective that we don’t know many people as we’ve probably been here the longest. It was so high sidity in the best way, the Nobu himself fed us sushi, and we ran into old sex friends (Sex with Emily, that is), plus Covino’s memory powers were put to the test when confronted by an old friend.
  • After Spot surprised Rich at ESPN for his birthday we’re thinking the fans should create a petition to make him a member on the TV show.
  • Did anyone catch sports last night? The 49ers are doing well despite the lack of initial support.
  • Hold on to your pregnant belly’s because we’re all looking at Rich with a side-eye. He doesn’t want to have sex with his 5 month along wife, so we get her on the phone and a debate is had! Cue the boxing bell!
  • How should you distribute free company tickets? A ESPN co-worker is a super-fan of the Dodgers, so should he get dibs or is this a equal opportunity thing….