Covino & Rich— Tuesday 10\29\19

Show Topics:

  • The best and most original costume according to Rich is this chubby kid dressed like Tommy Boy. Covino shows love to himself for having the best kid costumes, he was a vending machine! But he didn’t win because of politics. Covino isn’t that original according to Rich, all he does is pairs two random costumes, next year he’ll be a cowboy pimp.
  • Spot’s best of shows are the greatest, we even tricked our boss into thinking we were live yesterday.
  • Covino went to Idaho and brought his sweet potato to town. All jokes aside, his girlfriend’s family loved him, and like Aaliyah said, age ain’t nothing but a number. Covino met the beefiest guy ever though, his possible brother-in law and we all want a piece.
  • Next time Covino visits he doesn’t want to talk about his “celebrity” lifestyle.
  • Hey Spot, now that you do yoga-do you wear tank tops everywhere?
  • Spot spent a night at Rich’s and felt trapped! Rich’s friend Nico was in town so they had great bonding time, but Rich forced them to watch bad videos and Netflix shows… per usual, Rich gets aggravated while Spot is telling the story.
  • Rich discovered a new song over the weekend, Dear Winter by AJR and it’s the sweetest song ever, don’t you agree? But does this guy have to name his son Winter now? What would you name your kid Spot?
  • Finally Rich lost his Blender virginity, and he fills us in on his experience.
  • Models celebrate topless flash at World Series. Models Julia Rose, Lauren Summer and Kayla Lauren celebrated flashing their breasts at the World Series on Oct. 27. The MLB has banned them for the stunt.
  • Erik Rivera joins the show to talk about his new HBO special “Super White,” but we get his take on gender reveals, boobs, and much more.
  • Check out this super scary future model of what we will look like if we continue to sit at our desk hunched over.