Covino & Rich— Monday 10\22\19

Show Topics:

  •   Even Rich gets tired sometimes. The guys rode to work in silence, because they just needed a moment in peace. Covino stresses how hard it is to keep up with Rich’s energy. 
  • Why do women get so defensive when asked what they’re wearing? We ask Archie all the time.
  • Flights for the holidays are such a pain, Everyone is in the spirit of looking for trips home for the holidays. 
  • Covino got a speeding ticket yesterday that delayed his commute in fatherhood and to work. The cop pulled him over because of his expired registration. We get into the talk of registration prices and how everyone has different fees, from Rich’s $600 to Covino’s $50 Honda fees. 
  • We took photo’s recently and we are having the hardest time agreeing on photos. 
  • Rich brings up that yesterday Covino and Spot got into it because Spot attacked Cov’s breath for smelling like a dirty anus in front of random co-workers. Covino is in his feelings and some would say for good cause. 
  • As parents there’s a window of time where you are out of the loop with music because your child listen’s to “baby shark.” 
  • Logan Paul is an influencer that takes trips that trigger fans to take the same trip. It’s odd to us (mainly Covino) that this is the way of booking travel, whatever happened to
  • Adam Carolla is here talking about his new project and the culture we live in today. He dishes on speaking your mind, the cancel culture, the branding of a person when it comes to establishing etc.