Covino & Rich— Tuesday 10\20\20

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  • 8:05 AM A new Tik Tok dance is going viral and it involves Donald Trump, could you do this awkward dance?
  • :13 AM Rich goes on about how he made the perfect medium raw steak last night in the cast iron skillet, but he can’t make this meal without setting off the fire alarm. What’s the best way to make a steak?
  • :24 AM A sports update – The Cowboys, The Chiefs, Miami Dolphins naming Tua Tagovailoa starting quarterback…


  • :10 AM Back in NY some of our old stomping grounds are shutting down because of the effects of the pandemic.
  • :20 AM Rich and Sara went to Ikea looking for furniture for his mom and noticed a girl pass by, who’s ass was so mesmerizing that he had to ask his wife her thoughts… real or not? What even is a fake ass?
  • :37 AM Brother Tommy update, he is moving into a house with two other dudes, but the odd part is, he has the small storage room without windows and Covino thinks he is being ripped off in price. It’s a two bed with three dudes, does management assume there’s a gay couple in the house? (:55 AM)


  • :26 AM Good Samaritan Spot tells the story of how he and his wife witnessed a car accident and Spot became a hero making sure these strangers saw safety.
  • :48 AM Rich has a scheduled meeting with his contractor and he’s very anxious as the contractor isn’t advising Rich’s request of vaulted ceilings…