Covino & Rich— Tuesday 10\15\19

Show Topics:

  • YouTube or IGTV? The debate between Rich and Spot opens up the show. Rich attacks Spot for being a lack thereof producer because he doesn’t entertain the thought of IGTV.
  • Happy 10th Anniversary to “Balloon Boy”… the guys time travel back to this moment, as Archie has no idea what this is. A story that turned out to be a hoax nearly brought tears to Rich’s face. Also, we jump into that old story of “Big Foot,” which was almost 11 years old.
  • Covino mentions they’re coming off one of the longest days yet, after three interviews yesterday and talking to boxing legends, Chuck and Tito. They also spoke to a rapper, Gashi and this opens the minds to the awareness theory, after not knowing the guy and then suddenly seeing his face everywhere.
  • Wait, Rich you don’t do the sniff test? Apparently Richy is terrified to take a whiff of the booty from his finger; this conversation triggered by Spots new found fun in the bedroom with wifey, slapping and butt play, which hasn’t happened, but will.
  • Ran Dumb News: Dead guy talking a funeral, Sebastian Maniscalso buys Gwen Stefani’s home, Zoe Kravitz as Cat Woman, and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame names announced.
  • Things today’s generation wouldn’t be aware of: certain phone sounds, cassettes, VHS, getting photos developed, Block Buster, voicemails, Pac Man etc.