Covino & Rich— Tuesday 1\19\21

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  • 8:07 AM The Morning catch up – Covino’s did his three B’s yesterday (Bike ride, Bachelor and Bed), Rich is back into Ozark and season three ended on a crazy note, and Sara got Rich coffee today with 4 shots of expresso (excessive) meanwhile Spot and Covino thinks point out his coffee is too much like a milkshake.
  • :18 AM Rich will never talk about guns on this show again because after the posted video, listeners criticized him blowing on the gun as unaware and unsafe; Covino points out his wrong was when he mocked the safety police on social media; Rich is VERY aggravated.


  • :25 AM Covino remembers his JV baseball coach, a great guy who recently added him on Facebook. He recalls a story of hitting the coach’s dad in the head, thinking he died… only to find via Facebook, the dad celebrated 100 years!
  • :37 AM Covino’s brother Tommy recently went on a date and commented on the waitress hot looks and the date got mad. Is it inappropriate to comment on other hot people on a date?


  • :31 AM Ran Dumb News: Another New Covid-19 Variant Discovered In L.A. Might Be Vaccine Resistant, Researcher Says; Strain First Identified In Denmark; Mets fire GM Jared Porter after ESPN details lewd, harassing texts to female reporter; Man Allegedly Hid From Coronavirus And Authorities In Chicago Airport For 3 Months.
  • :45 AM How is it that Spot got past his wife with an escort/stripper business card? What would you have to do to get your wife mad?