Covino & Rich— Tuesday 1\12\21

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  • 8:07 AM Sports recap: last night Ohio state lost, but a huge congrats to Alabama (our love for Devonta Smith)!
  • :14 AM Rich has two reasons why Covino doesn’t like college sports, because he grew up on the east coast they had no good college sports teams.
  • :24 AM Where do you think Jimmy Garoppolo will go next…. does Jimmy G have the best smile in the NFL?
  • :33 AM Remember that winter break trip that Covino took to visit Jordyn’s family and her dad gave him her remaining junk and he was ticked off about it? Well, she sold all the “junk” on Offer Up! We talk the pros and cons of these selling services.  


  • :10 AM Chrissy Metz is here! We talk about when she realized her life changed, her first job at McDonalds for some sneakers, her first big purchase as a celebrity, what it was like being a talent agent when you were the real talent, finding love in a pandemic, her favorite rappers and of course the new season of ‘This Is Us.’
  • :49 AM Covino says technology is so good these dates, because he doesn’t even realize that Rich is in Texas! Think about those people you were least connected to (family members you saw once a year) now with facetime, that feeling no longer lives with one visual call.


  • :16 AM How Rich’s mom met her boyfriend – she stole him from Rich’s godmother and it’s been downhill ever since.
  • :27 AM Rich on the Netflix documentary ‘Surviving Death,’ which leads us into thoughts about the after-life. Spot also shares a story about how his brother received a message through a medium about their mom!!!! WILD.
  • :51 AM How do you tell when a woman is faking an orgasm?