Covino & Rich— Thursday 9/5/19

Show Topics:

  • Today is the start of the Football season and we’re pumped! We kick the show off with an unplanned topic of best football movies and the phones are blowing up! We find out that just like Spot, Archie could careless about sports expect for the KC Chiefs.
  • Have you seen the latest news with Ezekiel Elliott deals? It’s got us fired up! Is this too much money? Should we let him live? Let’s talk about it.
  • Ran Dumb News: Bad Boys trailer is out, Netflix stock is high, Lonzo Ball has finally taken off his shoes, Road Trip updates and would you date a girl with an eye path?
  • We get to two ‘Friend In Needs:’ a guy has just been ghosted and another guy talks supplying everything for a family gathering\birthday.