Covino & Rich— Thursday 9\3\20

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  • 8:07 AM Billie Eilish was on a Howard Stern replay on Covino’s morning commute and she mentioned how her idol Lana Del Rey patted her on the head, which was very demeaning but she allowed it.
  • :10 AM Yes, we are still talking Cobra Kai, deal with it! Think about those new actors that thought their fame came and went on YouTube, now experiencing a new fame on Netflix.
  • :20 AM Can you remember those moments when you were demeaned… (ex. being yelled at in school, ex girl slapped Rich at a bar etc.)
  • :44 AM Ran Dumb News – Tom Seaver dies, Matt Harvey’s MLB career in jeopardy, Robin Thicke is canceled, Blippi is all the rage!


  • :25 AM With flu season on the horizon, if someone shows signs of sickness at work, will we treat it differently with Covid-19?
  • :31 AM The Rock came out announcing his entire family contracted Corona…
  • :37 AM Story Time – Covino’s brother and dad share the same car, and it broke down for the 6th time. Tommy (Brother) posed a question in his company group chat asking what is a great car on miles, but also an ass machine… “Oh Bother!”
  • :44 AM Covino’s brother tells a story about Spot’s brother (they work together) of a time when he met a new colleague and immediately showed his wife’s boobs to the guy!


  • :15 AM Rich gives us an update on house hunting. A house they had their eye on is off the market, but it was actually out of budget and he was dreading telling his wife they couldn’t afford it.
  • :29 AM Joe Biden has a slight stutter, but did you see “Stutter Boy” advocating for Biden? It was a tear jerker!
  • :40 AM Friend In Need – A guy’s brother is going through a divorce and he gave him $1,000 to get on his feet. He came back asking for another 2K for the divorce lawyer. This brother has never asked for anything, should he give him the money?