Covino & Rich— Thursday 9\26\19

Show Topics:

· Live in DTLA for the Spence vs Porter fight, it’s Throwback Thursday and we’re thinking of those previous time when we used the wrong product. Using disinfectant wipes as baby wipes, magic erasers creating skin damage, and confusing foot cream for toothpaste. 

· Yesterday was photo day and we posted “BTS” on Instagram story and everyone thinks that Rich is an awkward person. But we also had to update the bio, which is at least three years old and we sound like meatheads because we talk “women.” 

· Spot is a big spender because he bought the million dollar iPhone 11. Let’s see if the new photo feature makes our man-meat look bigger! 

· We missed the mark and sometimes are out of the loop with trends, and celebrity and we met a guy yesterday on our TV show that the urban community loves and we feel left out, our new friend Gary Owen. 

· Boob placement is a very important thing, how big do you like those Jubbos, what nipple size, do they fall when she lays down, fake vs real… 

· We listened to Pat Benatar on the way in and it reminded us how many great songs she has. 

· Hey Spot, speak up! No one listens to the guy, is how he personally feels… for example the placement of the office “step and repeat.” But let’s not get ahead of ourselves as Spot poses the thought that leaving the show could make him more noticeable.