Covino & Rich— Thursday 9\12\19

Show Topics:

  • Throwback Thursday is the perfect time to time-travel and play a “Dude Where’s My Car” spoof, especially on the day Seann William Scott is visiting. Rich is very hesitant because past spoofs make him cringe, and Covino doesn’t understand how, when he’ll openly talk about his butt hole.
  • This new generation has it hard when it comes to DJ’s and talent of the world. C&R are the youngest guys to get a shot, and unfortunately talented guys like Archie will have to rise to the occasion in a world full of podcast.
  • We play “Hit The Post” 70-80s DJ version, and man are these guys good…Archie even nails it at “DJ Grunge Brotha.”
  • Yesterday was a big day in history as we remembered 9\11 but it’s odd to think kids like Covino’s daughter could see the traumatic videos and think it’s a movie…do you inform your kids of this history?
  • Covino points out Rich’s one flaw, he doesn’t know when you end the conversation.
  • Archie hasn’t played a game of pain cave? Let’s see if he makes it out alive…
  • Nick Jonas has his fans upset because he graces a cigar magazine, smoking a cigar…is this a big deal?
  • We love our listeners, but some of them have bad vision, as we’ll get photos of women they view as hot. Rich tries his best at being non-judgmental.
  • Kristen Cavallari is in the news because she fired an employee for posting something on her page that folks view as insensitive. Let’s talk.
  • Ran Dumb News: we are still waiting on the gender neutral bathroom, and Mike ‘The Situation’ is out of jail.
  • Seann William Scott is here talking his new film “Bloodline,” how he got into a fender bender this morning and more.