Covino & Rich— Thursday 9\10\20

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  • 8:15AM Once you make a certain amount of money, it doesn’t increase your happiness. With Dr. Phil as a guest today, looking at his net worth gets us thinking.
  • :19 AM Covino has a #TBT memory of a clip that involves Davey Johnson, Ken Griffey Jr., and A-Rod.
  • :28 AM Side hustles: there was a listener poll that showed majority of us have side hustles and without them, most wouldn’t do well. How did our parents just depend on one income? The theory of a day off of work means someone else can replace you or get ahead of you etc.


  • :06 AM We welcome Dr. Phil to the show – he talks his views on the 80s for #TBT, why he keeps doing what he does, when he doesn’t have to, his love for tennis, his thoughts of kids and social media, the façade of Hollywood, being in the public eye and the new season!
  • :41 AM Ice Cube is promoting a new service that gives you a certificate to be a “Lord” is Covino’s new favorite thing. Speaking of, he and Spot are Lords!
  • :00 AM As Rich struggles to age, he finds himself self-diagnosing himself and you’ll never guess what Dr. Dickey found.


  • :26 AM The start of football is here! Rich walks us through the point system.
  • :40 AM We roll through some of our predictions for the NFL this season!