Covino & Rich— Thursday, 8/29/19

Show Topics:

  • The reason we took an extended break is because we were celebrating the life of a family member, the incredible Phyllis Sorge, Spot’s mom. Covino and Rich reflect on their time in New Jersey as they saw how the town came together to show love to a great woman. The two discuss their point of emotion, and share how it was the best send off.
  • Rich stayed at Covino’s family home while away and shares how he instantly felt at home and if anyone never got along with Covino’s family, they were the issue. Rich got to experience the struggles Covino goes through being a “brown man,” as he is seen as “the help” often. Rich also discovers that he doesn’t produce bad smells after wearing the same underwear for three days, because he left his clean pair.
  • Before the unfortunate passing, C&R had weekend getaways with the Mrs.’ (separately) and Rich has finally found their spot, Santa Barbara.
  • The two talk the controversy of Fake ID’s and the risk you take.
  • After the service of Spot’s mom, C&R catch up with Brother Tommy in his “Man Den” and they notice the living conditions between men at different stages. Tommy has posters and Covino’s interested in paintings.
  • Offensive Comedy: Dave Chappelle’s new Netflix special has the world talking about insensitivity vs funny. Sebastian Maniscalco hosted the VMA’s and is being called the “mean uncle” with this comedic delivery. Plus Pete Davidson is making news for verbally attacking millennial’s in the audience for cell phone usage. Too far? Find out what the guys have to say about it as we get hot phone calls.
  • Friend In Need: a guy is worried and scared because his wife is on the keto diet, but she’s losing her big butt cheeks. Let’s talk about it.