Covino & Rich— Thursday, 8/22/19

Show Topics:

  • Just when you thought we couldn’t talk about “man junk” enough, we kick off today’s show with manscaping. Public service announcement: if you’re a guy under 60 years old, have respect for your partner and trim the bush! Also, to the old guys in the gym locker room that thrive off the 70s bush, its very alarming to us all. We did get at least one take away out of this, Rich shaves his butt.
  • In honor of Throwback Thursday, we bring up that Rich “dated” Brooke Hogan and Covino talked to Kim Kardashian.
  • The little league teams are bringing Covino tears of joy as his old team of the “Elizabeth’s” have done well in the world series.
  • Who knew that our throwback Thursday music selection from Hall & Oates would get everyone in an uproar; so of course we have to play the classics. These white guys had soul!
  • Ran Dumb News: Subway Girl goes viral for taking subway selfies in an unbothered state of mind; MLB players are being suspended for taking Viagra; a group of six old people are arrested for having public sex.
  • What is the biggest annoyance that you have on an airplane? Rich chimes in with his, people that bring fast food on the flight and gross people that hang barefoot.
  • Leave our guy alone! Rich feels bullied at ESPN Now or Never as everyone in office makes fun of his shoe game, so how can we help him get through this tough time is today’s hot question.
  • Friend in Need: Relationship drama for “Marie Stiller,” the guy she dated started to drift, later to find, he was cheating with an ex who doesn’t have much going for herself, but “Marie” has everything going for her. Why do folks pick a trouble person over greatness?