Covino & Rich— Thursday 8\13\20

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  • 8:05 AM Rich watched “Heartbreak Kid” while stoned last night and the sex scene opened his mind to the idea that he we basically know how actors are in bed.
  • :40 AM When will we eventually run out of shows to watch due to the quarantine, as production has slowed down?
  • :52 AM Why is love not enough?
  • :00 AM Spot’s wife Kristen made it sound like she settled for him because she thought why not just grow with this guy instead of “grooming” other guys to leave her.


  • :30 AM The idea of being invited to legit things down the line and not wanting to confirm until the week of is valid because life as we know it is unpredictable.
  • :32 AM Our friend Shannon is planning a weekend getaway to Joshua Tree and wants us all to hang. Spot is on the fence but believes he will not be consider a hobnobber because he will literally see the same people he’s seen all of quarantine just in a different location.
  • :41 AM Trump says we need open school ASAP. Do you agree?
  • :58 AM What if this is our life for years, stuck in the house, when will you eventually just start living your life? We aren’t alive to house sit!


  • :14 AM The NBA has welcomed family and very close friends into the bubble, do you think it’s unfair that guys can’t also have Tinder Hookups come through?
  • :29 AM Spot details his workout routine and how essential his trainer is in this process. Rich relates it to his peloton instructors, the gayer the better.