Covino & Rich— Thursday, 8/1/19

Show Topics:

  • Today on Throwback Thursday, Rich wonders why movies aren’t quotable anymore! He thinks its because the shift in focus towards social media! Kids are focusing on more on memes and vines instead of movies. Covino believes that this generation is not fully capable of memorizing movie lines. 
  • Are there any two friends in the whole world who you think spend more time together than Covino and Rich? They wake up every morning and carpool to the radio show together then they drop each other off and see each other hours later for the TV show. Rich doesn’t want to jinx it but they haven’t gotten into any big fights at all
  • When Rich got to work today he sat in his car and had two deep thoughts he needed to discuss.
    • Rich is still not over the Mario Lopez incident from yesterday. He wants to understand the other point of view. Listeners called in to say that that is just the climate of today’s society. People are against gender reveal parties because they don’t want to determine the sex of their baby. Apparently its not fair to the baby to determine that. 
    • Rich was watching the political debates last night and wonders why are each side so extreme? There’s mainly two political parties that are complete opposite each other: Republican and Democrat. One side wants to ban all guns the other wants guns for all and extremely different on several other issues as well. Dicky DickenPooper decided he is running this election and he will have reasonable conversations and will decide on issues fairly and be in the middle! 
  • Rich’s mom is suffering from some financial strife and has been for a while. She constantly goes through these problems and always reaches out to her Richy. Rich doesn’t know what he should do! If he needs to be a good son and constantly be there for his mom even though he provides her with clear solutions to the problems she has? Or does he need to tell his mom that he is tired of hearing this and she needs to make a change in her lifestyle?
  • A listener wrote into the show with a Friend in Need. He was at the pool with his kids this weekend and it was pretty crowded. His kids and in laws kids were tossing the ball and it accidentally his someone elses kid. The father picks up the ball and tosses it over the fence and says, “this isn’t a football field, get out of here.” The parents start to get hot and almost fight each other. Did that guy had any right at all to throw the ball over the fence?