Covino & Rich— Thursday 7\30\20

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  • 8:07 AM There was a big earthquake last night in the San Fernando Valley and Rich wasn’t here to experience it. 
  • :10 AM Before Tom Hanks became famous he worked in concessions for the Oakland A’s. His voice is to be added to Oakland A’s artificial crowd noise…What if you bought a hot dog from Tom Hanks!
  • :15 AM When you search “Tom Hanks” all of this news comes up about him being a pedophile. Just because they’re a celebrity doesn’t mean they don’t have a dirty secret…Anything is possible.
  • :57 AM Rich watched the first episode of the Jeffery Epstein documentary. Epstein was so confident in his power that he truly believed he wouldn’t be caught.


  • :21 AM Rich is now taking Viagra before the show.   
  • :24 Covino has gathered his most prized baseball cards. Baseball card shows were such a big deal in the 80s. If you don’t hold onto sentimental value, now may be a good time to sell your baseball cards or any other thing from your childhood you hold onto. 
  • :55 AM Covino’s grandma had a flower that she kept in a cup and believed it to be God’s miracle for staying alive for twenty years. Covino’s dad ruined her miracle my showing the whole family that the flower was plastic. 
  • :59 AM Dream Dribble is a new product for kids to help them with their basketball skills. 


  • :23 AM When you think back to early cartoons who had the realest beef?
  • :35 AM Listener’s wife believes the stories we tell are fake. It’s tough when your significant other can’t quite comprehend something you’re into…Everything we talk about on the show is real! 
  • :45 AM If you could travel back in time what era of your childhood would you go?
  • :49 AM 2020 will hopefully live up to its name.