Covino & Rich— Thursday, 7/25/19

Show Topics:

  • On a Throwback Thursday, the boys talked childhood. What grade did kids loose their innocence and start becoming independent? Rich believes that in the 5th grade, kids start picking out their own clothes. 6th is when people start having crushes. 7th and 8th grade is when kids started going to the mall without their moms and started asking the opposite sex on dates. 
  • How much can you spoil your kid? When growing up, Rich ate whatever was in front of him. Sometimes his mom would make him some nasty boiled chicken and he would pretend to eat it but wrap it in a in a paper towel and throw it away. Covino always feel the need to spoil Melody. If she wants to eat dino chicken nuggets he will let her. If she doesn’t like the dinner he makes he will cook her something else. Is this spoiling kids too far?
  • Patti Stanger stopped by the studio today after her interview with Jeff Lewis. She was here to promote her Thirsty Thursday Q&A event with Jeff Lewis next month at the Irvine Improv. She used to hosted the show “Million Dollar Matchmaker” back in the day where she matched millionaires with potential women trying to find love. Stanger believes she has a talent to see connections between people. She also gave Covino some relationship advice. Covino asked, in a typical relationship, when is it time to get married? ( months is the mark where you need to start talking about it. A year is time where its finally okay to ask. 
  • Mark McGrath was the guest for the last hour of the show today. We talked about all of his hits, Fly, Someday and Every Morning. He just released an album called, “Lil Yatchy” paying homage to the rapper.