Covino & Rich— Thursday 7\23\20

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  • 8:08 AM Starting off the show with big revelations – COVID robbed us of the summer underboob and hanging cheeks!
  • :12 AM Rich has way too much spare time on his hands with his family still on vacation in Texas. Rich actually feels bad for singles during this time, because boredom is at an all time high!
  • :25 AM Boredom Rich has binged so many movies and he has a few reviews for us. Also, fun fact, streaming services have released throwback shows that you have to check out.
  • :53 AM Spot’s in the market for a house, so why doesn’t he buy the Golden Girls home?


  • :08 AM J.J. Watt, Patrick Mahomes, Carson Wentz criticize league for not taking coronavirus safety. The league is calling COVID an outside injury and they have an issue with being forced to play.
  • :25 AM Colin Jost joins the show talking about reinventing himself so many times with SNL, how time flies, good and bad episodes on SNL, his ultimate goal for his career, his new book, how he met (or didn’t meet) his girlfriend Scarlett Johansson, cultivating his friend circle etc.


  • :16 AM Rich watched the David Foster documentary and believes that is the one that deserves all of the accolades!
  • :32 AM Rich tells the story of his experience at El Pollo Loco when this guy didn’t want to wear his mask inside. Why are people making such a big deal about this, just wear it!
  • :45 AM The original Karen was Nelly from Little House on the Prairie.
  • :49 AM Covino is slightly obsessed with dying his clothes and buy drop cut clothing…