Covino & Rich— Thursday 7/18/19

Show Topics:

  • Today on a throwback Thursday the boys started off the show with a Rocky clip in spirit of the Pacquioa vs Thurman fight this weekend! Covino, Rich and Spot are live at the MGM in Las Vegas on radio row to get coverage of the fight. 
  • Rich owes a public apology to a loyal listener of thirteen years! Covino and Rich receive plenty of free gifts like t-shirts and food from listeners. A couple days ago Rich raved about how one of them finally made the rotation because it was so soft. By doing this he started to shit on a gift he got from a listener that wasn’t his style because it was a long sleeve polo. This listener was so hurt by this that he personally messaged Rich a long rant about how offended he was and that the show lost a listener.
  • The FaceApp was created by the Russians and people are freaking out! Apparently the new app that is sweeping over the nation can collect your data and people are saying its a complete privacy nightmare. This app was created in St. Petersburg, Russia which doesn’t have the best track record. Also when it made its debut in 2017 people called it “racist” since it could change skin color. 
  • Another new internet trend that is going viral is the “Running But hole Challenge!” Apparently it was created by porn stars but basically its when someone has their pants off and runs up to a camera, jumps and sits on it. 
  • Rich thinks he’s Elon Musk! A couple years ago Rich said on the show that in a few years, computers will be implanted in our heads. Spot and Covino laughed and mocked at him. Now Elon Musk came out saying hes working on making implants to link the brain to a smartphone. Rich called it!
  • Years ago, Covino and Rich received a free carry on luggage bag, wallet and toiletry pouch from Hermes. Rich loved these items and used them for years until they have become worn out and no longer usable. On the other hand, Covino never used it since it wasn’t his style until last night when he brought it out for the Las Vegas trip. Rich was so in awe since he loved that bag so much, he asked Covino if he could buy it off him for $25. Covino has kept this bag in his closet untouched for years and now that he sees Rich wants it and there is value to it; he wants to keep it!
  • Last night Spot, Covino and Rich arrived late at the MGM Las Vegas. When they were checking in the front desk lady told Spot and Covino that there are no more king size rooms available. Spot “upgraded” to a double queen aroma room. Covino ended up getting a double queen room with a great view of the strip! Guess what room Rich got?! A luxury suite with a king size bed, living room and kitchenette. Covino is pissed since Jordan is coming to visit and thinks that he should’ve gotten this room to begin with. Spot thinks a fair trade would be the luggage bag for the bug suite.