Covino & Rich— Thursday, 7/11/19

Show Topics:

  • Covino and Rich had an action packed day yesterday. They started off with the radio show in the morning then headed straight to ESPN to get ready for the Espy’s! Both of them had a really great time; they interviewed people and vice-a-versa. Covino says he got overwhelmed sometimes since there are so many people, he lost his voice from all the loud talk. Rich noticed that he tries to hard to please people. He was given the cold shoulder by 3 different people and he thought, “huh they didn’t really want to continue that small talk huh?” Nevertheless, the two are humbled that they have made it this far.
  • Phil Murphy was a guest on the show yesterday and he wore a Big League Chew shirt. Covino threw him some trivia asking, “Do you know the creator of Big League Chew?” Murphy didn’t know and Covino proceeded to tell him its Jim Bouton. Hours later, they found that Jim Bouton has passed away. What a coincidence!
  • On today’s throwback Thursday the boys touched on their memories of the middle school band. Rich’s theory is that what you think is lame as a kid changes significantly as you grow up; for instance playing instruments in a band. Each high school had their own stereotypes for each instrument. Flutes and clarinets were only plaid by the girls and the trombone player is the fat kid in the sweatpants. 
  • The summer of 2004, Anchorman was released. What are your top three Will Ferrell movies? We agreed that Anchorman, Blades of Glory, Elf and Step Brothers take the win.
  • There is a viral video of this angry man in a bagel store yelling at people because he claims they were giving him looks because he is short. The bagel guy is 4’11 and is now trending since he has made quite a scene multiple times. At first glance you feel bad for the guy but then you realize hes actually a lunatic! He has his own YouTube channel where he posts his rants about how people attacked him verbally cause of his height.