Covino & Rich— Thursday 6\4\20

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  • 8:07 AM Remembering the days being on the patio with our grandparents when they had the fly swatter, raid, the bug zapper and much more.
  • :23 AM What are some smells that immediately take you back to a significant moment of the past?
  • :30 AM Is Corona even still relevant, because we haven’t heard any news regarding it besides the fact that George Floyd had it. In the midst of all this going on Spot announces that he is taking a mountain trip very soon via car but now we’re curious about what the airports are like..
  • :00 AM It’s very hard to not notice a women and all she brings to the table when she’s in your eye view, while with your girl right next to you…


  • :21 AM Spot turns on ‘Uncut Gems’ so Rich can see the beauty of Julia Fox….
  • :26 AM In a world of virtual things, it’s very hard to know if people are real these days… our intern could be impersonating someone else.
  • :30 AM Drew Brees faces backlash from Saints teammates and beyond for comments about kneeling during the anthem. This is a very tricky topic, because the headlines are misleading, we think his timing on this topic is tone-deaf, and we look at how in the past taking a knee was frowned upon and now standing is frowned upon.
  • 10:18 AM We think this is very divisive and it’s hard to be in the right when Drew supports his team but wants to respect the flag. We take your calls.


  • :49 AM What’s the deal with Crickets? Why are they so noisy? Apparently if you kill them, that’s bad luck and that explains a lot for Spot.
  • :53 AM The 8 steps that will better improve the police department is going around and we agree that they could help.