Covino & Rich— Thursday 6\25\20

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  • 8:12 AM Opening the show with a deep theosophical question like “What is sports?,” is guaranteed for a good day. CNR go back and forth on the idea of how many men actually gamble on sports, with the basketball season coming back.
  • :24 AM COVID cases are spiking, which leads us to think… who are these hobnobbers acting as if corona never existed? This leading into what if the offensive line goes down because of COVID?!
  • :50 AM Rich is now pandering on the idea of driving to Texas because of the COVID spikes, but if not Texas then where and when will he get his escape?


  • :05 AM Peter Gallagher on the show – his run on Broadway, The O.C., and the new film ‘Palm Springs’; his love for acting and the desire to improve after years in the industry; what it’s like being married for 37 years; and he leaves us with his advice on kids.
  • :51 AM Where do you have your deepest thoughts? We all agree that shower thoughts are the best thoughts… Covino’s deep thought was that he is approaching his dads age when he started the show.


  • :09 AM Don Cheadle on the show – talking his theory on accepting roles is very picky so he doesn’t get type-casted; the love for your kids is different (maybe stronger) than with spouse; his thoughts of the NBA, his relationship with LeBron and Colin Kaepernick; and the glory of quarantine.
  • :44 AM Disneyland and Disney World to remake Splash Mountain with ‘Princess and the Frog’ theme because of the racial background.