Covino & Rich— Thursday 5\21\20

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  • 8:05 AM Josh Gad is producing another virtual reunion and we think it’s a movie that involves Tom Hanks. Speaking of, what are some of your favorite Tom Hanks films?
  • :16 AM What are your top five favorite Tom Cruise movies? Today we’re ranking the Toms.
  • :50 AM Going to Blockbuster back in the day was a highlight and when they didn’t have a movie in stock it was nearly the end of the world.


  • :20 AM The number one food chain is Subway, and we give our best play by play of fast food throughout the years via a moving chart.
  • :41 AM What’s the latest Corona update and what does that mean for sports?
  • :58 AM Why do you not wear your mask on walks and what does they say about you? Are these the people that don’t return shopping carts to the proper spot after done using it?


  • :19 AM If you’re single and ready to mingle, we highly suggest that you take a sample of everything (black, white, Latino, tall, short etc.)
  • :28 AM Those irrational fears that stem from your childhood never die…
  • :39 AM The CDC knows more than us and they’ve already changed their stance on things, so who is to say what’s real…
  • :47 AM What is Rich is to do, because he bought Emmy lots of Dora The Explorer items for her birthday but she recently just gave up on all things Dora.