Covino & Rich— Thursday 5\14\20

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  • 8:06 AM Who on earth didn’t know that Michael J Fox played his future daughter in Back to The Future 2?!
  • :23 AM Everyone had the same crappy couch growing up… the brown floral! The best part was when mom or dad would flip the cushion and you’d have a new couch, but Spot’s wife takes it a step further by flipping the couch cushions daily.
  • :45 AM The good ol days: living rooms being off limits as a kid, getting a new family car or TV was the most exciting thing, as kids, beach days were the best even with sand in our butts and sandwiches etc.


  • :32 AM People are drinking way too much during quarantine, because every day is the same day; there has been severe spikes in alcohol consumption research. CNR has no problem controlling the drinking, the guys actually prefer to eat instead.
  • :50 AM Zoom call Rich is becoming very overwhelming as he wants to be Ellen DeGeneres surprising high school friends with the principal and he’s even doing it again this weekend. Covino thinks it’s very lame, corny and “eye-rolly.”


  • :34 AM Josh Gad joins the show to talk about the ‘Back to the Future’ reunion and the importance of the charity behind the cause. He also gives us behind the scene information about planning it and how difficult it was getting everyone involved and even why Thomas F Wilson wasn’t initially involved.