Covino & Rich— Thursday 4\9\20

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  • 8:14 AM Is it weird if you take a day off during this time of working from home?
  • :17 AM Working from home can get annoying because work knows exactly where you are and that you’re available.
  • :23 AM Covino was supposed to go on someone’s live and he was stressed about it, he even practiced some guitar cords… he ended up having to reschedule. Covino HATES facetime and zoom calls, he even avoid a sibling virtual gathering.
  • :56 AM There are multiple stimulus packages that are promising trillions of dollars, where is all this money coming from?


  • :06 AM Jon Taffer joins the show to check in!
    • :08 AM The effects on the hospitality industry, and how spacing will be a big issue moving forward with seating.
    • :11 AM Post pandemic, people are only going to go to places that they trust and here’s why..
    • :23 AM The city might have to make changes so that establishments can generate the same funds and services.
    • :26 AM The effects of all this on the Vegas scene…
  • :44 AM Hayley Orrantia is here checking in!
    • :45 AM Her story on getting the gig on “The Goldbergs” and how connected she is to the 80s. How she navigates both acting and singing.
    • :52 AM The inside scoop on the show and some characters. Which era do you prefer to live in? (:57 AM)
    • :00 AM Her story growing up, is she connected with those back home… he play her new single and get feedback… and get the 411 on living with her boyfriend fulltime, and it’s not so bad.


  • :29 AM We could get more high profile guests if do zoom interviews so that they are in the comfort of their home.
  • :30 AM There is an image that is going around that generates what a gamer looks like in 20 years, and he looks like Spot.
  • :37 AM Have you ever farted so hard that you need to double check if anything came out…
  • :40 AM What are your thoughts on the stock market dealing with COVID, are we over the hump?