Covino & Rich— Thursday 4\2\20

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  • 8:00 AM The latest in the world of COVID-19
  • :17 AM Good Times is our theme of the day, “not getting hassled and not getting hustled”… do you ever wish you were a sassy, soulful gay black man?
  • :20 AM What got you out of bed for school as a kid? (girls) Do you think kids are ready to go back to school, although they normally want days off?
  • :25 AM Covino takes on video games with his daughter and enjoyed it.
  • :32 AM Some kids aren’t going to wear their jersey’s one last time due to COVID-19. Rich recalls his baseball days.
  • :56 AM OJ Simpson chimes in on Tiger King in the most insensitive way and here’s why…


  • Our heart goes out to Adam Slesinger died due to COVID-19
  • :17 AM Covino’s mom calls in: and she is ticked off that everyone is concerned about their dad, when she’s been sick for weeks. Mama Covino gives love to the trucks and the show for making her laugh.
  • :28 AM Moms are stressed AF these days, emotionally and psychically. Sara (Rich’s wife) left to get fresh air and run errands and immediately the kids took the biggest poop for Rich.
  • :39 AM There’s a new game of Facebook, ten things I hate that everyone else likes…
  • :49 AM Sharing commonalities with the person you’re dating, is this mandatory?


  • :16 AM We all collective go through our personal list of thing things he hate.
  • :44 AM Covino mentions a comment he received from a hater/listener about how he and Rich are pathetic because they host both music and talk, having to do double duty.
  • :51 AM This guy then challenges Covino in a joke off, determining who is funnier, and Covino could care less.