Covino & Rich— Thursday 4\16\20

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  • 8:05 AM Home workouts are becoming so whack! There’s only so many push ups that one can do! Are you maintaining or are you actually becoming soft; would you get a Peloton?
  • :21 AM Puddle of Mudd covered Nirvana’s “About A Girl” and it’s the worst, if 2020 was a song! Do you like when your favorite performers switch lyrics and tempos for live shows?
  • :40 AM High hopes for 2020… thinking about if our kids live a solid 100 years, relating it to when our grandparents were born, that’s years of family longevity. Getting into the family tree…


  • :14 AM Dennis Quaid did a Fox News interview post our show yesterday and used Covino’s phrase, but he botched it!
  • :18 AM Does your parent’s approval make you go harder? Why do you work so hard? What motivates you?
  • :30 AM Chris Delia’s stand-up speaks on the parents approval and how he had the best childhood…
  • :41 AM If you’re an adult (40+) and the stimulus check is going to make or break you, we’re side eyeing your life.


  • :25 AM Ran Dumb News – Amy Schumer changes the name of her kid because it sounds like “genital.” Longtime WWE ring announcer Howard Finkel dies at 69. The saved by the bell reboot is coming soon. Today is national horny day.
  • :45 AM We get an update from Archie on his horny day adventures and his trip home…
  • :50 AM House Party video chat is more interactive than zoom, and here’s why…