Covino & Rich— Thursday 3\5\20

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  • 8:05 Rich is bummed out today. He usually does his taxes through a nice firm in NYC. He may need to find a new accountant after being told that he will have to start paying quarterly. He doesn’t receive a tax refund anymore.
  • :35 Covino tells us a story about his girlfriend last night. She was cooking and placed a hot bowl that had condensation onto the table. The condensation leaked onto the table and cracked the fake wood table he bought. Covino was mad but his girlfriend didn’t seem to care too much.
  • :55 What old school comedy movie needs a rewatch?


  • 9:10 Rich thinks “New Divide” by Linkin Park is the best soundtrack song of the decade. The conversation ties back into best throwback movies that need to be rewatched.
  • :37 Quintin’s ideas. CNR and spot ask Quintin about what college is like today. Is it the same as when they were in school?
  • :49 What kind of advice would you give someone going to Vegas for the first time. Stay at a place with a monorail. Only bring to Vegas what you are okay with losing.


  • 10:21 Spike Lee is kicked out of MSG for going through the employee entrance. Covino and Rich are both on Spike’s side. It’s degrading to have to walk out of the stadium to a new entrance and reenter. You shouldn’t do that to Spike, who has spent millions of dollars on the Knicks.
  • :37 Kid overhears mom and dad having sex. In the video, he is seen crying and his sister is laughing at him. Covino thinks it’s terrible but Rich thinks it’s hilarious.
  • :40 Rich and Covino run through the news of the day: people make makeshift masks for Coronavirus, Parlay Patz is a scummbag, update on Spot’s horny wife.