Covino & Rich— Thursday 3\12\20


  • 8:04 AM Donovan Mitchell has Coronavirus. His teammate was “careless in the locker room.” Spot thinks we all have it. It’s gotten a lot worse over the last 24 hours.
  • :20 AM Spot isn’t living on the edge. He’s taking precautions but he’s not too worried.


  • 9:04 AM Walton Goggins joins the show! If there was a day to cancel, this would certainly be the day. As you get older, it’s hard to make new friends. But if you have kids, then you’ll be making friends with new people. Goggins never really wanted to be a superstar. He does a lot of stuff in the entertainment business and he sells things too. “No one is a stranger.” “The Unicorn” series finale is tonight. 
  • :50 AM Covino and Rich agree that the Guac off will probably be postponed.
  • :57 AM Every year has its down times, says Spot. Rich cannot believe it. Rich is going to fight with Spot about this argument.


  • 10:11 AM Coronavirus radio. Covino makes fun of taking requests for songs related to the virus and sickness.
  • :20 AM Covino plays a trick on Turbo radio listeners. He’s tricking people into thinking he’s washing his hands in between every song. Instead, he’s playing sound effects of someone peeing.
  • :34 AM Caller thinks that during Trump’s speech last night, there were K-cups in the background. It turns out they were challenge coins with very high prestige. This caller eventually called back to apologize.