Covino & Rich— Thursday 2\20\20

Show Topics:


  • :09 There is a huge banner on the wall at the MGM Grand. It says radio row and the first show that is listed is Covino and Rich…..But they misspelled Covino’s name. It actually says, “Convino and Rich.”
  • :22 Covino hosted an NADA event for a local car company. People in charge of the event wanted to make sure the interview with Mike Piazza went well.
  • :52 Rich’s weird deep thought. “Do you 8thnk when people get way old, do you think it just becomes a waiting game?


  • :21 Quintin’s Ideas: Spot Loves Lizzo and is mad that Quintin would talk bad about her. Steph Curry had a boner in the post on Instagram.
  • :35 Joe Tessitore joins the show! Covino was impressed with how he handled the press conference with Wilder and Fury. You can’t consider yourself a part of pop culture if you don’t watch this fight.
  • :51 Spot and Rich have a beef. Rich spoiled a surprise that Spot had planned with his wife. Rich doesn’t think he’s in the wrong so he tries to defend his ground.


  • :25 Covino watched Indiana Jones for the first time with his girlfriend.
  • Chuck Norris became the centerpiece of memes and the younger generation adores him for it. The younger generation likes Chuck Norris over Harrison Ford
  • :37 Bernardo Osuna joins the show! Osuna breaks analyses the fight and also is impressed with the way Tessitore handled the Wilder vs Fury interview. He was the first friend when CNR first joined ESPN.