Covino & Rich— Thursday 12\3\20

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  • 8:05 AM Anthony Davis to sign five-year, $190 million contract with Lakers, per report… wow! We all can relate to this story in our individual fields with salaries among “co-workers.”
  • :22 AM Rich and Sara took the kids to the new house for the first time and took family holiday photos. Rich was deeply bothered by a bad smell that he investigated and the result was dog poop coming through the vents.
  • :40 AM As covid is continuing to spike, do you still judge others when you see them “out and about” on social media?


  • :05 AM Billy Corgan is here talking about those rumors of him, confirming and denying; How he looks back at his career because he is the last of an era; We talk is new restaurant in Chicago; The future of music and how he thinks concerts are gone for now and the rise of dope collaboration virtually will come about; Ego vs Artistry; How long can we wait for kids – the risk of it and importance of telling your kids who you are so the world can’t shape that (being famous); his relationship with Lenny Kravitz and we talk to him about his new music.


  • :05 AM Covino accidentally TOLD girlfriend Jordyn he is putting a guitar in the bedroom and that’s not the way to go about it. We dive into the significance of shared spaces.
  • :28 AM The older Covino will get he will be sleeping with the baby he will potential have with his woman.
  • :47 AM It’s Covino’s dads birthday! Isn’t it weird how you don’t know so many random things about your parents – having kids really sparks this.