Covino & Rich— Thursday 12\24\20

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  • 8:05 AM Welcome to our first live show on Christmas eve!  
  • :12 AM Last night Rich made a trip to the new house and walked around alone and felt accomplished! On the drive home, Rich called his dad to see if he got his gift. Rich replicated his childhood cookies by getting his grandma’s recipe and the phone call between him and dad is very entertaining.
  • :34 AM We announce that Covino and Rich will be hosting the SiriusXM Cobra Kai town hall event with the entire cast next month!
  • :47 AM “It’s A Wonderful Life” is a classic movie, but they should recast it. Speaking of, who would replace us if this show was casted with black actors.


  • :22 AM Rich’s Christmas Dilemma – Amazon has failed him, because all his daughter wanted was a rocking horse and blocks and it’s delayed. Now what does he do?
  • :50 AM Guy talk show fans are less harsh than bonehead sports fans, and Rich is just happy that our listeners aren’t that. Sports fans are cut from a weird cloth!
  • :07 AM Ran Dumb News -The parents of balloon boy got a pardon today!; Houston Rockets’ James Harden fined $50,000, ‘unavailable’ due to protocol violation, NBA says; The media are speculating that Kourtney Kardashian was photoshopped in the holiday photo…; Pope Francis’ Instagram account appears to ‘like’ another model’s racy pic.


  • :42 AM Rich’s dad whips out the CNR Christmas songs for the other older family members and it’s slightly cringe worthy. 
  • :47 AM Tonight we are having a farewell dinner at Rich’s old place and Spot is cooking. Rich however is preparing an intense trivia game.