Covino & Rich— Thursday 11\7\19

Show Topics:


  • 8:00 AM The listener feedback from yesterday’s show has come in and majority of our listeners asked their kids about VSCO girls, sksksks and opp, and they all know!
  • :12 AM “Load Management” takes a turn because ofCovino’s theory for how and when to stop ejaculating. Stop by Thursday to have a great weekend buildup, if you want to perform like the greatest showman follow his tactic. Spot on the other hand has no issue with the buildup and will continue with his “whenever” method. **Things get vulgar**
  • :34 AM The actual load management story – has to do with the basketball community. This is all part of the Championship blueprint for Kawhi, Clippers.
  • :49 AM Pushing yourself in sports doesn’t end up being the best, i.e. Matt Harvey, his team didn’t allow him to recover, so this management is kind of a great thing.
  • :52 AM The old mindset of working in office vs home, Rich’s big question is “Why though?”


  • Welcome to Throwback Thursday where we’re reminiscing on the good ol’ days of the last time you’ve held your kid (9:13) wrestling, trading cards (9:14) and music. This topic is led by an episode of “The Goldbergs.”
  • :20 AM Do you look the same as you did when you were in the 80s?
  • :28 AM When we think of old people, we think that their music favorites are vintage, but in actuality, they were in their prime during our favorite songs, like Prince. Today’s old person is still hip.
  • James Dean will be making a movie theater return with CGI.
  • Ran Dumb News: Kim Kardashian rented her childhood house and made it look like the good days for her mom, Kris Jenner’s 64th birthday.


  • 10:12 AM How would you remake your house if you could do the same thing as Kim?
  • :16 AM BJ Thomas – hooked on a feeling, how the song has different versions
  • :19 AM Back in the day we used to photocopy our butts and pass them out, recently a lady did this with her breast.
  • :30 AM Is the cover song better than the original?
  • :40 AM Hey Archie, can you sing Tip Toe Through the Window with her angelic voice?
  • :42 AM Jeff Lewis Live mentioned Rich again and this time to Brooke Burke in a game of “Smash or Trash.”
  • :50 AM William Shatner gets in a heated Twitter debate about Millennial’s and goes after a certain user.