Covino & Rich— Thursday 11\5\20

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  • 8:04 AM Isn’t it crazy that you can be remembered for one small insignificant thing for the rest of your life? Take ‘Save The Clock Tower’ Lady From ‘Back To The Future,’ Elsa Raven who just passed away. What are some other classic film one liners or classic scene for Tbt?
  • :24 AM Where do we stand with the election? It looks as if we’re just waiting on the WAP (Wisconsin, Arizona and Pennsylvania). If he loses, how do you predict Trump will react?
  • :39 AM Covino remembers the most memorable moment meeting Rich’s mom – at Rich’s wedding during the groomsmen photo op, she arrived disheveled in a fast and loud doom buggy! He only laughed this pure one other time in High School and we get that story too!
  • :55 AM Rich’s wife is going the extra mile decorating their property in TX to rent to his mom, and thinks she is doing too much because his mom won’t appreciate it. What should he do?


  • :24 AM Covino’s new move-in just got worst, with receiving a passive aggressive email from the HOA president yesterday, he responded calmly only to then be told he’s being fined $500!
  • :55 AM What does the Tony La Russa hire really mean?


  • :22 AM Whale, that was close!: humpback appears to overturn kayakers in California – Two whale-watchers at Avila beach had a close encounter that dumped them into the ocean.
  • :45 AM Fans upset Kylie Jenner promoted makeup during election night: ‘Selfish and tone deaf’… was she in the wrong?