Covino & Rich— Thursday 11\21\19

Show Topics:


  • 8:08 AM Rich’s wedding ring recap: how and when it could have been misplaced or stolen. The importance of wedding rings when out in daily life. Does this small material symbol really matter? Rich gets an offer from a listener to remake the ring for free if he can send a photo…
  • :22 AM Rubber Rings compared to fake breast, can you tell the difference? Rich educates us on all the types of fake boobs, specifically the gummy bear boobs. Rich weighs in on why he’s not the biggest fan of pregnant boobs (:31 AM).
  • :37 AM Spot was on ESPN last night and we’re hoping for the best!
  • :40 AM Covino loves his sleep number bed with the app tracker, but sometimes it can be a problem. While Covino’s girlfriend was gone, she later discovered the app tracked another body in the bed… Covino is glad they have trust and open communication to address it, because it’s not what you think (:47 AM). Relating his truthful confessing to Mason Rudolph clearing the air with the helmet fight (:50 AM).


  • 9:08 AM Skank alert, wrapping up the mystery of the gummy bear boobed ghost
  • :23 AM Covino’s Mexican word of the day
  • :25 AM After Disastrous Epstein Interview, Prince Andrew Steps Down From Public Duties – the argument if Jeffrey Epstein killed himself or was killed.
  • :28 AM Fartgate
  • :40 AM Sibling rivalry, it’s a real thing but Covino has never experienced it. Rich is wondering if this is something that he’ll have to deal with. Do first born’s get more love?
  • :45 AM Paternity Leave, Rich struggles with the idea of taking 14 weeks off…it’ll never happen, but the freedom to do so opens the listener phone lines!


  • 10:29 AM Rich is now curious if the baby will come on or around the Superbowl, because that could mean huge problems.
  • :33 AM People that hate their job are the ones who take many and all days off.
  • :34 AM Rich’s love story for his mother in-laws meatloaf. Why does the loaf get a bad reputation?
  • :40 AM Covino’s girl got the perfect compliment that all single guys and girls should try.
  • :45 AM Sara was hit on too, but her story didn’t end so well because she scared the guy off with her pregnant belly.