Covino & Rich— Thursday 11\14\19

Show Topics:


  • 8:00 AM Disney + is all the rage, the stock went up 10% and all of our favorites are on there. Rich’s mom-in-law is in town and the big question is do you ban her from watching nostalgic movies with Emmy that he’s reserved? What movie would you want to watch with your kid? (:12 AM) Some Disney movies have restrictions on them and they’re all relating to racial red flags and cultural depictions. (:17 AM) It’s a small world teacup ride was the best, but that song is torturous! (:21 AM)
  •  :39 AM Rich’s day in Vegas was shorter than his normal work day. DJing with an already set playlist was a piece of cake! The flight was so quick, folks probably do it everyday for a job (:45 AM) Rich even returned back in time for dinner with his wife, PF Changs is the spot! (:49 AM)
  • :54 AM Are you guys really doing “no nut November?”
  • 9:04 AM Viva paper towels go quickly in Rich’s house, but we aren’t blaming Sara!


  • :20 AM Acknowledgement of the school shooting.
  • :24 AM Last night at ESPN with Covino and a game of playing with Johnson’s.
  • :30 AM Rich’s day yesterday while DJing consisted of listening to an audio-book. He listened to Elvis Duran’s and hearing the book is better from the author, but Covino negates that with fact.
  • :50 AM What’s enough for you when it comes to success? (9:01 AM) Contentment and what that means for you…what if you won the lottery?


  • :22 AM Elvis Duran’s audio-book clip plays and how and why he doesn’t want the success of Ryan Seacrest because that means more work. When you have kids, that idea changes (:24 AM)
  • :27 AM Mad Dog goes crazy over winning due to cheating. We talk black-balled players i.e. Kaepernick.
  • :50 AM Rich wants to see AOC’s face if Trump wins another election.