Covino & Rich— Thursday 11\12\20

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  • 8:07 AM The Mets and the dislike for the Owners and Mets may outspend Yankees in shocking turn of events. MLB Cy Young Award 2020: Shane Bieber, Trevor Bauer Named AL, NL Winners. Trevor Bauer wins the first Cy Young award for the Cincinnati Reds and flirts with Mets after ‘zeroing in’ on Sandy Alderson’s comments. Avery Bradley and David Price.
  • :38 AM Ticketmaster to verify COVID vaccination status of fans before issuing concert passes…Rich gets into his hypothetical with getting the vaccine – and taking precautions when it comes to going out and traveling because he is going out ASAP when it happens.


  • :34 AM The Queen’s Gambit is a good watch… but we can’t determine if the show lead is attractive or not.  
  • :41 AM Rich is wearing his wife’s sock and Covino thinks it’s very odd!!! Do you wear your woman’s socks?


  • :08 AM Chris Sullivan is here talking ‘This Is Us,’ how aligned he is with his character; the show writing; addresses social and political issues in the show; what it was like audition and more. He also opens up about his new discovery of parenthood this year, the commercial we know him from, and life itself.
  • :39 AM ‘This is Us’ is hands-down in Rich’s top ten favorite shows of all time. What are your top ten? And what do you want to watch?
  • :51 AM Letting past co-workers fall by the wayside after you get to know and hang with them more than family. You move and get a new job and just stop communicating because you don’t see each other. It’s an interesting thought according to Covino.