Covino & Rich— Thursday 10\8\20

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  • 8:10 AM Happy #TBT – There are movies that have stood the test of time with great actors when they can be seen as trash to the general public.
  • :29 AM Shout-out to Minnesota and Chicago, two places we’ve realized show us lots of love thinking about our past road trips. Rich remembers King Carlos and the “dance with the devil” and the time he picked him up from the airport when newly dating Sara…. And then we talk about all the places we broadcasted live.
  • :52 AM Moving forward will people be more hesitant to go out to events or will they be so eager to party freely?


  • :23 AM Rich on why the USA deserves Trump and Biden … because we want a spectacle. Getting into the debate from last night, it was very respectful but social media loves to watch to create memes. Did you see the fly?
  • :40 AM Since we go live on TV from home we do our own makeup and it’s safe to say, it’s not going well.
  • :55 AM Baby Ben falls over on his head it’s so big, and Sara bought him a helmet.
  • :00 AM Can you imagine waking up and being so cute and sassy like an Archie, he is the guy who cares in a relationship four months later – Maybe Archie should style Rich is Sara’s thought…


  • :22 AM Don’t let stupid stuff affect your mood like stocks or sports however it does make you more happier when they win … so what affects your mood? “When things don’t go my way” – Spot
  • :37 AM We get a house update from both Rich and Covino.