Covino & Rich— Thursday 10\31\19

Show Topics:


  • Happy Halloween: C&R briefly talk their top costumes, but we’re a little disappointed that Spot didn’t return as the Buddy Doll.
  • Congrats to the Nationals’, they really delivered! The World Series had an astonishing run, but now we focus on other sports like basketball.
  • Halloween is like your parents, you love it as a kid, then you hit a stage where it’s not cool and then you get back to loving it as an adult. C&R started Halloween early, last week because of ESPN and kids.
  • Did you catch ‘Now or Never?’ because the costumes worn were ridiculously funny, they were Toy Story, Woody and Buzz.
  • The makeup on Covino as “Bulge Right Here,” I mean, Buzz Lightyear was extra! He hated it, he looked like a cracked out Oompa Loompa.
  • When do you recall a time where you took the kind approach, but hated something very much? (How Covino felt about his makeup).
  • Rich is planning on being Zach Morris from ‘Saved by the Bell’ on ESPN tonight and the wig option is grossly funny and he wants to temporarily dye his hair instead. What would you do?


  • Sara (wife) made Rich’s daughter a fabulous costume as a troll and Rich predicts she’ll wear it for 20 seconds.
  • Some kid on social media was Barf from ‘Spaceballs’ and Covino thinks that’s all his parents doing, the kid can’t possibly know the movie or want to be Barf. Let the kids be what they want!
  • Rich has a new diet, no carbs and no sugar. He’s approaching his danger weight and unfortunately no sugar has made him bitchy and Covino felt the wrath. Let’s talk about his every other month dieting.
  • Rich’s new theory is, if you aren’t jolly, he’s dismissing you!


  • Bailing someone out of jail because of mishaps, or a bad business deal and the starting a Go Fund Me.
  • Dough Doughnuts
  • Kevin Durant says Draymond Green altercation factored into decision to leave Warriors
  • Ran Dumb News