Covino & Rich— Thursday 10\29\20

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  • 8:11 AM Congrats are in-store for the Dodgers who haven’t won since the 80s! Did you see that Justin Turner tested positive and was called selfish for still celebrating with his team? Where does our sports love start? Do you respect your kids more if they root for your same team?
  • :38 AM Our weekend in Joshua Tree – Spot was in his nature prime, and was the best control freak, cooking for everyone and starting all the fires. He’s a mix of Ranger Rick and Guy Fieri. If you have a friend like spot, let people do their roles!
  • :55 AM Our friend Shannon had an old friend come and do outdoor yoga with the group in Joshua Tree and Rich opted out, but when she arrived, Rich saw she was hot and then participated… creepy or not?


  • :40 AM Sports update – What to expect from Tua Tagovailoa, plus early reports on Joe Burrow and Justin Herbert. Rob Gronkowski Compares Chemistry With Tom Brady to ‘Butter and Maple Syrup.’ Baker Mayfield plays better with OBJ on the field.
  • :57 AM While in Joshua Tree, Spot randomly asks in a desert park, “hey, did I give you the key?” …. This became a panic mode for everyone as the sun set and they were all outside in the DESERT! … the key was found, but was this a set up?
  • :06 AM Model Spot made his return and it went viral with his new muscle body!


  • :37 AM What are your predictions for election night especially with delayed ballots and people not getting the results they want?
  • :44 AM Rich talks about his drive to TX yet again, but this being a very scary one for him. He drove through a wind storm in the desert where 18 wheelers where flipped, signs where flying etc.