Covino & Rich— Thursday 10\24\19

Show Topics:

  • If you pay close attention some of your favorite movies have been voice edited. The voices were edited into the post production, we check out some of our favorites.
  • Who’s our today OJ Simpson, is it Michael Strahan or Michael Jordan?
  • Rich woke up moaning and groaning because he didn’t want to get out of bed, waking Sara up in the process. She politely tells him to stop complaining and go to work!
  • The Billy Joel channel is back and they have the best timing, because right when you’re sick of hearing it, it goes away to come back with new and better stories.
  • Rich is the rambling king, from one topic to the next and Covino gives his imitation; this becomes a game. From boxing to gloves, to mysteries, to houses, to families tec.
  • Covino had a casual conversation with Rich yesterday and discovered that he’s never EVER had a protein shake in the blender, better yet, this guy hasn’t used a blender! This becomes a big ordeal.
  • Ran Dumb News: girls that end up with the guy right after you, catchy songs are no different than before, Tom Brady might be setting himself up to leave the Patriots, Jefferson Bethke’s theory on everyone saying they’re “hustling,” if there’s no growth-are you really?
  • Back to yesterday’s conversation on the “power of no,” and being a “yes man.”
  • Rich brings up that Sara is taking a stance! She mentioned that family visit them for the holidays because she’s expecting and they seemed to hesitate, and now she’s fed up with always traveling to them and says that’s over until she sees the initiative reciprocated.
  • Kylie Jenner wakes us up with “Rise and Shine,” but Rich and Covino prefer the “OH MY GOD” clip. We get into an “OH MY GOD-off.”
  • Friend In need: a guy writes us, because his wife and him both have teens daughters from a previous marriage and are considering more kids, how late is too late to starter? This fried in need turn into a question and answer towards Covino as he may one day want kids again with his new girlfriend, but again, how late is too late.