Covino & Rich— Thursday 10\22\20

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  • 8:08 AM We may have egos, but we’re realistic. Take Covino’s impressions for example, he is good, but isn’t signing up for stand-up comedy. People are delusional with their talent levels, and are lost – looking for attention.
  • :23 AM Unpopular opinion alert, if Chris Farley was alive, there would be no Kevin James.
  • :54 AM  Covino goes into how hard it is parenting a ten year old while in a pandemic and the difficulties of doing things in co parentings standards.
  • :00 AM Rich poses the question to his friend and colleague, Nicole why she gives her husband such a hard time when we all know he is doing his best. This goes for all women actually…


  • :30 AM Given that people doubted us when switching over into Satellite radio, Covino isn’t judgmental when new platforms launch or people mention they are leaving their current role for a “startup platform.” In order to survive, you have to reinvent.
  • :49 AM Ran Dumb News – The return of Borat is here and Rudy Giuliani is caught in compromising position in new ‘Borat’ film… he claims it was a setup and a lie; Scott Baio takes aim at Ron Howard, John Stamos over ‘Happy Days’ fundraiser.
  • :07 AM Let’s talk politics and whatnot… Covino goes on a rant about how it’s unfair to the guys that support trump and aren’t a racist, because they are seen as racist. Also, If Joe Biden wins, with the new congress in place, will that put all his plans on a freeze? Lastly, did you know there comes a point when you fulfill your social security and no longer have to pay?


  • :35 AM Do you believe in signs? Those numbers from the universe, maybe finding coins on the street etc. Covino and Rich talk about their most recent stories in receiving signs.
  • :50 AM Why are our parents so judgement of looks when it comes to actors and musicians. This isn’t the 70s, everyone isn’t glamorously beautiful!