Covino & Rich— Thursday 10\15\20

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  • 8:10 AM The theory on you know if you’ll bond, mesh and grow with people very early on based off their interest. Would you rather be friends and spouses with someone who is very like-minded or with people who are polar opposite? Sometimes when you partner with folks with odd/different interests/views it fills your gap (:33 AM).
  • :39 AM Covino watched an interesting documentary on Netflix, “My Octopus Teacher.” We’re not sure if we love it or if we’re oddly uncomfortable.


  • :13 AM Don’t you hate when your instructor is yapping and you just want to get on with the music and the workout?
  • :21 AM Fauci: Americans might have to ‘bite the bullet’ and skip big Thanksgiving celebrations amid coronavirus uptick. WTF!
  • :28 AM Jealousy in relationships – women that make you send a photo of where you are; the importance of setting the precedence of what you will and will not do early on; how slight and healthy jealousy shows you care and it’s a turn on.


  • :05 AM We welcome Chris Bosh on the show and he’s here talking about his days in the NBA and how it differs from today, how to deal with fails or losing a game, respecting others opinions when you know more, life after the NBA, his music career and social media trolls.
  • :40 AM Rich is processing the money adding up with his fixer-upper home, finally realizing the house was cheaper because it’s going to take a lot on the back end.