Covino & Rich— Thursday 1\30\20

Show Topics:

HOUR 1 – Radio Row

  • 8:02 AM Anquan Boldin: what we would find at his house, what’s it’s like winning a Super Bowl, his experience seeing the rings unveiled, he doesn’t have any high school memorabilia, catch up with old players, people asking for tickets etc…
  • :19 AM Michael Buffer: what will you not do in your profession, his time with DAZN Logan Paul VS KSI, being annoyed by people asking him to do “the voice,” personal life etc…
  • 8:49 AM Rich’s very short shorts
  • :51 AM Akbar Gbaja-biamila: balancing many jobs, being a #GirlDad etc…


  • 9:13 AM Bernard Hopkins: DAZN fights, his life around 9/11, how he hands social media trolling in reality etc…
  • :26 AM Last night at the SiriusXM concert
  • Rich and Covino wore tight sleeveless shirts for a Soul Cycle event
  • Friend In Need: co parenting
  • :55 AM Tim Brown is here!


  • 10:18 AM Rich stresses how Covino would be a horrible reporter professional broadcaster
  • Spot thinks the guys are lame for eating at the same spot the entire trip
  • :26 AM The biggest lie you can tell
  • :32 AM Martha Stewart: judging the guys for their lame food spot, advice to Covino for cooking, Super Bowl tips, how she taught Snoop Dog how to gamble, she said she’s coming to the Guac Off (:43 AM) etc…
  • :50 AM Teasing tomorrow’s show – and what Rich wish’s he told Martha Stewart