Covino & Rich— Thursday 1\21\21

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  • 8:11 AM Best thing about the inauguration was the Bernie Sanders memes! Also, have you heard that conspiracy people believe that Trump is the shadow president, and that an agreement has been reached that Trump will give codes to Biden on what to do….
  • :30 AM Rich takes us back throughout history within the Oval Office. Presidents get to change the decor – what would you choose to change and how would it look?
  • :54 AM Covino is getting a new car, and feels like he is in a power position given work from home. This is the proper way to not bluff! Rich also gives an update on his BMW lease with the dealer


  • :53 AM Rich with the sports hot take!
  • :01 AM True or False, if you open the fridge you’re letting out cold air?!  
  • :08 AM Covino has noticed since being on social media more that people who are disabled now have an outlet to truly express themselves in Tik Tok, and it’s a great thing!


  • :27 AM AM Ran Dumb News – Paleontologists finally have their first good look at a dinosaur’s butt; what was really in the letter Trump left for Biden?; Joe Exotic is angry that he wasn’t pardon and is blaming it on his sexuality.
  • :39 AM Friend In Need – Jason says his neighbor’s smoke is annoying and has confronted the landlord and they won’t do anything… what should he do?